Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

It seems like such a sudden a transition into Fall this year.  But I look around and all the usual signals have been there.  In Minnesota, there are a couple major, obvious, can’t… Continue reading

Ozzie the Aussie

Ozzie has earned his own photo blog.  Check out his escapades on Tumblr.  


Finally decided to share some of my paintings.  I am an art major but have always been very private (or maybe insecure) about my work.  And so I decided a long time ago to pursure financial… Continue reading

New Toy = New Pix

I’m like a kid with a new toy right now.  Just got my Fujifilm X100 this week and have been playing around with it. I haven’t used many manual adjustments in decades so… Continue reading

“He can call me a flower if he wants to”

Okay, if you don’t know that quote from Flower the skunk, then you’re too young to be reading my blog.  If you’re not too young and just can’t put it together then here’s a quick… Continue reading

Back to the ’50s

Every year the Minnesota Street Rod Association hosts “Back to the ’50s” classic car show.  It’s held at the state fairgrounds and takes up every square inch with everthing from Model A’s to… Continue reading

Dog Days

My two dogs are a couple of characters! The oldest, Booker, is some kind of lab-shepherd-terrier-somethin mix. He’s calm, wise, well behaved (now). The younger one, Ozzie, is an Australian Shepherd. He’s inquisitive,… Continue reading

Cuba 2012 – Vol. 4

Did you know there was a Trinidad in Cuba?  Not the tropical vacation island you might see in travel ads somewhere near Tobago.  It’s a small coastal city south and east of Havana. … Continue reading

Rain Dance

Ran outside just now to capture some flower shots during a rare sunny rain shower in Minnesota. Playing with phone camera apps again and contrast, color adjustments. These are all taken in my… Continue reading

App Attack, App-etite, App Tastic, App Envy…Whatever

I have become a bit fascinated with the various camera apps that are available on smart phones lately.  There are some really great apps out there!  Keep in mind, I care more about… Continue reading